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[Ended] GROW Special Promotion Event : Cyber Crypto Monday

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

GROW is launching a special line of products, featuring a whopping 10% (p.a.) rate boost on our 30-Days Fixed Product for USDT and USDC!

Starting from Cyber Monday, November 27th, 2023, until December 11th, 2023, anyone can enjoy these products with enhanced interest rates without any prerequisites—all you need to do is be a GROW user.

Remember that when you deposit funds into GROW for the first time, they will automatically go into Flexible Earn. You must then select USDT or USDC (BSC chain token also available) and sign up for these special 30-Days Fixed Earn products to take advantage of this promotion. Additionally, it's worth noting that there is no limit to how many of these special products you can sign up for, so feel free to join without any restrictions!

Join us for Cyber Crypto Monday!

How to Sign up

  1. Go to Earn Page.

  2. Navigate to the Fixed tab and click on the USDT or USDC option.

  3. Click on the tab where the 'Event' is activated to view the exclusive rates for Cyber Crypto Monday.

  4. Enter the amount you wish to sign up for.

  5. Once all the information is filled out, the Next button will become active. Click Next after confirming.

  6. Review all the information once again, and click the Confirm button to complete the registration for the event product.

Join us for Cyber Crypto Monday!


About GROW

Singapore-based GROW offers top-notch reward rates so that clients can safely grow their wealth on a leading global platform for lending and borrowing crypto assets. Additional company information and details on the GROW app can be found by visiting



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