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How to use MyCrypto

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Dear GROW users,

You may also have crypto assets on both Binance and Coinbase. And whenever you monitor your assets, you have to multitask through the app in a back-and-forth way — that’s such a hassle.

That’s why MyCrypto is introduced as a beta service. MyCrypto is a service where users can check out their crypto assets on exchanges in one screen by adding the APIs from Binance and Coinbase.


GROW does not manage your wallets on exchanges — simply show the balances using “Read-Only” APIs to make it safe.


GROW provides the guide article explaining how to connect your exchange APIs with the GROW app.

- Please click here to see How to add APIs from Coinbase.

- Please click here to see How to add APIs from Binance.

Why are we doing this?

GROW wants to be the partner for the users supporting easy use of crypto. GROW is providing compound rates on BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC (including BSC coins) while supporting Auto Staking on ICX, BAND, and NEAR.

And now, with MyCrypto update, we want the users to be able to monitor their crypto assets on exchanges in one screen. Simple.

Make Crypto Simple. — let’s make your crypto asset management simple and easy this time.


About GROW

Singapore-based GROW offers top-notch reward rates so that clients can safely grow their wealth on a leading global platform for lending and borrowing crypto assets. Additional company information and details on the GROW app can be found by visiting

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