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New Referral Program: Boost your Referral Rewards!

Dear GROW users,

With the rebranding of GROW, we are excited to launch an all new, much larger, referral program.

What is the new Referral Program?

The mechanics are still simple. When you refer a new user, you and the new user both get rewards. How much reward for each referral? Anywhere from $315 to $2,100 USD, split evenly between you and your referee! And there’s no limit to the number of referrals. See the table below for the tiers:

​Referee’s Fixed Earn Amount (180 Day)

Referral Rewards

$30,000 ~ > $50,000

Referrer: $157.5 in BTC/ETH

Referee: $157.5 in BTC/ETH

$50,000 ~ > $100,000

Referrer: $262.5 in BTC/ETH

Referee: $262.5 in BTC/ETH

$100,000 ~ > $200,000

Referrer: $525 in BTC/ETH

Referee: $525 in BTC/ETH

$200,000 ~

Referrer: $1,050 in BTC/ETH

Referee: $1,050 in BTC/ETH

*All amounts are subject to change without prior notice.

The mechanics of the new Referral Program

There’s essentially only two conditions for a successful referral, shown below:

  • Your referee/friend enters your referral code during the registration process for a new GROW account.

  • Referee enters into an Earn Fixed 6-month (180 Day) duration product with at least $30,000 in BTC or ETH (or the BSC equivalents).

The referral rewards are paid out in the same crypto asset used to apply for an Earn Fixed product. For example, if your referee enters into an Earn Fixed account with $30,000 USD equivalent in BTC, then you and your referee will each get $157.5 USD in BTC, for a total of $315 in BTC.

Note that only BTC and ETH (and their BSC equivalents) are eligible for the referral program. The conversion rates are determined at the time when the referee enters into an Earn Fixed product, and hence the referral reward amount in BTC or ETH is also set at this time.

All referral rewards will be distributed in 45 days. If the 5th falls on a weekend, the referral reward will be paid out on the next weekday.

How do I get started with the Referral Program?

Before you can start referring your friends to GROW, you must complete KYC to get your referral code. If you’ve already completed your KYC and therefore have a referral code, then you’re all set. Just spread the word and refer as often and as many friends as you would like.

A few final reminders…

  • Your referee must enter your referral code when they sign up. If the referee forgets, neither of you will get any referral reward.

  • Only BTC, ETH, BSC BTC, and BSC ETH are eligible.

  • Only Earn Fixed, 180 day duration accounts are eligible.

  • With the launch of the new referral program, the old referral program from ICONFi will be closed immediately. However, ICONFi users can still use their existing referral codes and start participating in the GROW referral program immediately.


About GROW

Singapore-based GROW offers top-notch reward rates so that clients can safely grow their wealth on a leading global platform for lending and borrowing crypto assets. Additional company information and details on the GROW app can be found by visiting

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