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[Notice] ASTAR Network Upgrade

We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation as some functionalities are currently experiencing disruptions due to the ongoing dApp Staking V3 update on ASTAR.

The impact of the V3 update includes:

  1. Staking-related issues: (1) Additional staking is not possible during the update. (2) Staking conducted on v2 needs to be unstaked and re-staked after the completion of the V3 update. (Further details will be provided in a subsequent notice.)

  2. All stakers and dApp owners are advised to claim their rewards before the launch of dApp Staking v3. Further notices regarding unclaimed rewards will be provided once the Astar team ensures that all users' pending rewards are claimed.

ASTAR Announcement:

  1. ASTAR dApp Staking V3 Explained: Link

  2. dApp Staking V3 User Guide: Link

  3. ASTAR Portal: Link

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work diligently to enhance your ASTAR experience.


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