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XRP Fixed Event: Earn 1% Back on Your Deposit!

Attention all GROW members!

We're thrilled to announce our special XRP Fixed Deposit Event, where the first participants applying for a 90-day or longer Fixed product will receive a 1% rebate on their deposited amount.

Event Highlights:

  • Event Duration: July 11, 2024 - July 25, 2024 (2 weeks)

  • Eligibility: Members applying for a 90-day or longer XRP Fixed product

  • Reward: Enjoy a 1% rebate on your initial deposit amount

  • Total Rebate Amount: 20,000 XRP

  • Terms: Rebate applies solely to the initial Fixed Deposit. No duplicate rewards. First-come, first-served basis.

*How It Works:

Be among the first to apply for our 90-day or longer Fixed product during the event period to qualify for a 1% rebate on your deposit. With a total rebate pool of 20,000 XRP, act swiftly to secure your reward!

Important Dates:

  • Winner Announcement: August 1, 2024

  • Rebate Distribution: August 8, 2024

  • Notification: Winners will be individually notified.

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your savings with GROW. Whether you're saving for the near or distant future, our XRP Fixed Deposit Event presents a fantastic chance to boost your financial goals.

Mark your calendars and apply early to ensure you're in contention for this exceptional offer.

Join us in celebrating this special event and elevate your savings with GROW!


About GROW

Singapore-based GROW offers top-notch reward rates so that clients can safely grow their wealth on a leading global platform for lending and borrowing crypto assets. Additional company information and details on the GROW app can be found by visiting



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