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MyCrypto - How to connect wallet service


How to connect wallet service

1. Please click on the "Add more MyCrypto" button located on the "Asset > MyCrypto" tab.

2. When the pop-up window appears, please check the checkbox to indicate your agreement, and then click on the OK button to proceed.

3. Click on the "Wallet" for the "MyCrypto option" selection.

4. Select your wallet and click on the "Next" button. 5. Select your Wallet network and click on the "Next" button. *If it is a wallet service that supports Bitcoin, click Bitcoin on the network list

6.Lastly, please enter the wallet address and provide a name for the configuration.

7. If the registration is successful, a "Complete" popup will be displayed.

8. In the Wallet details page of the registered wallet, you can check the amount of each coin in the "Coin list" tab. In the "Address" tab, you can see the address that is linked to the wallet.

9. If there are multiple linked addresses, you can click on a specific coin in the "Coin" list to access the "Coin Details" page. And then, you can see the details of how much of that particular coin is available in each address.


How to Add ERC-20 tokens to wallet

1. To add an ERC-20 token to the wallet service, you need to have an Ethereum wallet address added. If you only have a Bitcoin network address linked, it is not possible to add ERC-20 tokens. Please ensure that you have an Ethereum network address linked and then click on the "Add ERC20 Token" button.

2. You can search for it within the token list and click on it to add it. If the token you are looking for is not listed, you can search for it. If it is still not found, Please click on the "Add Other Tokens" button at the bottom.

3. On the "Add Other Token" page, you can manually add ERC-20 tokens by entering the contract address. Provide a valid contract address, and once you verify the token information, the token will be successfully added.


How to Add Address

1. To add an additional address to the wallet, click on the "Add Address" button within the "Address" tab of the wallet details.

2. Please select the network of the address.

3. Lastly, please enter the wallet address and provide a name for the configuration.

4. If the registration is successful, a "Complete" popup will be displayed.


How to edit or delete MyCrypto wallet

1. To edit or delete, first, click the edit button located on the right side of the wallet information at the Wallet Details page to enter Edit mode.

2. You can change the name of your wallet, delete added tokens, and disconnect all wallets.

3. When deleting a token with multiple addresses, a bottom-up address selection window will appear. Select the address you wish to delete.


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